Curae Collections Care, LLC

 Curae is Latin, meaning "to care for" and collections care is a broad term that encompasses all the challenges encountered while managing collections. Curae Collections Care, LLC was created in 2018 to provide practical and creative solutions to collections management, registration, preservation, exhibition and emergency response for cultural heritage institutions. Curae addresses collections issues while considering the institution's mission, capacity, and goals. 

Curae Collections Care, LLC is a woman-owned small business that provides quality collections care and preservation services to all museums, cultural heritage institutions, and private collectors. 


Collections Management

Collections Management

Collections Management


Curae offers all collections management and registration services including, but not limited to:

  • Cataloging and registration
  • Deaccessioning
  • Database entry and clean-up
  • Preservation assessments and studies
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Integrated pest management (IPM)
  • Policies and procedures development
  • Domestic and international courier
  • Storage organization
  • Rehousing objects
  • Inventory control
  • Condition reporting
  • Packing objects for shipping

Disaster Response

Collections Management

Collections Management


Preparing for and responding to an emergency or disaster can be overwhelming, which is where Curae can assist in providing: 

  • Customized hands-on workshops
  • Lectures
  • Risk assessments
  • Emergency/Disaster plans
  • Emergency kits
  • Response assistance
  • Emergency consultation

Exhibition Planning

Collections Management

Exhibition Planning


Collections care extends into exhibitions where objects are exposed to increased risks. Working with exhibition teams, Curae can help mitigate these risks by:

  • Reviewing design drawings
  • Consultation on mount making
  • Object preparation for all medium
  • Object installation for all medium
  • Light studies and monitoring
  • Environmental studies and monitoring



 With nearly 15 years of experience, Rebecca has worked with a variety of collections in storage and on exhibition in a variety of mediums. Her career began as a registrar for an historical society in Florida. After graduating with her MA in Museum Studies from The George Washington University, Rebecca worked in preservation and collections management at the Smithsonian Institution for 11 years. Her projects consisted of rehousing, exhibition installation, offsite storage management, object cataloging, deaccessioning and much more. 

In 2016, Rebecca completed a training in First Aid to Cultural Heritage in Times of Crisis (FAC) by the International Centre for the Study of Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM). This FAC course expanded her impact in helping institutions prepare for and respond to emergencies and disasters. Rebecca also served on the inaugural team of the Smithsonian’s Preparedness and Response in Collections Emergency (PRICE) for two years and the steering committee for the DC Alliance for Response. She is a Professional Associate (PA) of the American Institute for Conservation (AIC).


Documents created by Curae Collections Care, LLC available for free download.  More documents will be added and updated as available! 

Long-Term Closure Re-Entry Checklist for Cultural Institutions and Collections Care Stewards (pdf)


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